20 visits in 2 years!

For all of our Ambassador Teams who wish to continue visiting, each team must complete 20 visits every two years to maintain their certification. So what does this mean for you? We are wanting  to see visiting and facility sign-ups increasing over the next year.  There are currently 36 facility openings for new sign ups.  The requests keep pouring in.  Our active teams deserve honorable mention and we are welcoming new teams into our ranks.  The more we expand our visiting base, the more we give back to the community.

At this time, we have more visit requests than we are able to fill and we need your help to bring our very special animals to those that need them the most! Just find the type of facility that seems well-suited to you and your pet, reach out to our facility committee, and they’ll help you get going.

Remember, you don’t have to visit alone. If you would like help and and want to experience the comradery of visiting with other teams or a Trained Aid, seek out a friend or make a new one at the next meeting! Whether they are currently visiting or just getting started,  working with other WAGS members can provide confidence, support, and a deeper sense of community.

Our most important objective for 2018 is “confidence” in visiting. Not feeling confident? That’s ok, we have plenty of resources for you. Seek out our wonderful WAGS trainers – some of whom are even members! – or our senior members if you need some help or have questions. Try looking for members who live nearby, visit at similar or even the same facilities, or are in a similar step of the membership process and share an outing together. Maybe even consider taking a dog training class together with one of our recommended trainers to build or polish your skills.

Thanks to our updated website and our brand new Membership Portal we can stay connected like never before!

We invite and  ENCOURAGE YOU to submit a request to Anita Kotheimer or Ben Cook to meet with us after the meeting for a FOCUSED INQUIRY about getting connected to other members and the WAGS family as a whole. We are thrilled to have you and are ready to provide support however we can.

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