W.A.G.S. animal assisted therapy services are available due to the dedication of our volunteers & the generosity of donors.
Contributions to WAGS are tax deductible as we are a 501 (c) (3) organization. Every dollar enables us to provide this wonderful support to individuals in need and we are forever grateful for your thoughtfulness. If you wish to send a check the address the check to:

W.A.G.S.  pet therapy of Kentucky, Inc

PO BOX 4350

  Louisville, Ky 40253

If you are an organization, a friend or a  member of WAGS and want to donate click the  DONATE link  below and you will be redirected to our secure and safe area for all manners of submitting payments.  After being re-directed to our site, check the X on the login screen as it is unnecessary to login.   Complete the information and submit it.  Thank you for your support.