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Have you tried out our   MEMBERS ONLY LOG IN in the Menu of this Website.   Look for the Wags Newsletter in your e-mail giving you instructions how to begin to subscribe to this Members Only area.  This newsletter gives you full instructions on how to get into this area.  The PUBLIC is not allowed to view this area.

The concept is to have everything available on the Web site for  connecting and become an active participant in the WAGS organization.  Sign in with your email address and a secret password given out in the newsletters.

Once you Login this bright yellow area will allow you to sign into NEON  for your WAGS Membership account.  NEON  records and stores our personal account information, about your pet, your facilities that you visit, and a place to log your volunteer hours.

We are also able to connect you to every member of WAGS when you Login to the  MEMBERS ONLY  area. Find these people by clicking the Membership List  under Member Support Below section.   The new page connects you to our roster.  Under Members support you have access to documents, forms for ambassador team renewals and other important materials that will be easily available for download to save on your computer and to print.

We anticipate that you will share your team photos and even a story or two about your visiting experiences.

Remember to sign in at each meeting to make sure that you get both meeting and continuing education credit. These are required when you submit your paperwork for Team Renewals. Every two years you are required to have 4 hours of continuing ed, two with your pet ambassador and two without.  You are also required to have 10 visits each year for renewal of your pet’s certification.  This means you are required to  keep track of your volunteer hours, both visiting and non-visiting.    Visiting hours include those visits/ events that include your pet ambassador team work.  Non-visiting hours include anything else such as monthly meetings, grooming for your visit, travel time, special events (without your pet ambassador), etc…    It is extremely important we keep this information on file so that we can use it when we apply for grants. Many of the grant applications require that we have information about the populations we serve.  Thanks for your help with this matter!