For Members

Hello Members!

We are very close to having the MEMBER”S ONLY portal,  so look for an e-mail asking you to create a member’s  Login  with a password creation.

Sorry to say that we are still converting our member data base,  as well as the volunteer opportunities. We especially hope to be able to connect you to every member of WAGS with your personal sign in area.  This area as it is created will provide you easy access to information about new visiting opportunities, and announcements about other exciting volunteer opportunities and special events!

You will also find important documents and instructions for team renewal and other important materials that will be easily available for download.  The concept is to have everything available on the Web site for  connecting and become an active participant in the organization.

There is good news for our young adult Membership from ages 18 – 21 years.  You can join WAGS without paying a joining fee or dues!