Once my pet and I are a registered WAGS Ambassador team, how do I join a visiting team?

Contact WAGS Facilities Coordinator, Roslynn Curtis for current information on visiting teams.roslynncurtis@gmail.com



How do I volunteer to assist in the Ambassador pet evaluations?

Pet evaluations are normally held four times a year. Check out Upcoming Events on this website for information on the next scheduled pet evaluations. On each testing day, volunteers are needed to assist with the evaluation.  Each volunteer is assigned a part to play in the testing of the team being evaluated.  A person must be a member of WAGS to volunteer to help with the evaluations.  At Orientation, information is provided about how to volunteer to help and who to contact. If you are considering becoming a visiting Ambassador team with your pet, volunteering for an evaluation day is a good way to witness the expectations and requirements for achieving that goal.


Where can I purchase the Delta team training manual?

The Delta Society team training manual is a comprehensive resource for educating individuals interested in pet therapy. WAGS recognizes that most of the skills, techniques and etiquette presented in this manual are standard practices for visiting pet therapy teams. Prior to attending a WAGS 101 class, all attendees must have read this manual. You can purchase the manual directly from the Delta Society or go to Amazon for copies to purchase The Pet Partner’s Team Training Manual.