How Do I Join

How do I become a WAGS member?

Step 1: Agree with the WAGS mission statement


Step 2:  Attend a monthly membership meeting (we kindly ask that you not bring your animal to your first meeting)


Step 3:  Pay the WAGS joining fee & membership dues


Step 4: Attend the New Member Orientation Class (we kindly ask that you not bring your animal to orientation due to space restrictions)




What do I need to know about Orientation?

An Orientation Class is held after each monthly WAGS membership meeting.  During the WAGS Orientation Class you will learn the mission of WAGS, history of the organization, expectations/responsibilities of being a member, costs, and how to join.  Even though WAGS pets are allowed at the membership meetings, space constraints prevent allowing any pets in the Orientation Meeting area. The Orientation Class starts about 10:45am, directly after the membership meeting is finished.  The WAGS joining fee is only thirty dollars ($30) and details of the joining fee will be discussed during the 1-hour Orientation Class.

How much are WAGS membership dues?

WAGS has a one-time joining fee of $10 + prorate dues for remaining months:

Our membership dues are as follows:

1.              Lifetime        $250

2.              2 Years         $50

3.              1 Year           $30