WAGS Process Joining to Evaluation

WAGS Process from Joining to Evaluation.

  1. Attend Orientation
  2. Join WAGS and pay dues
  3. Attend WAGS 101 and pass written test  (now you are a trained aide and can assist teams on visits.  You can also begin to audit facilities that might be of interest to you when you and your pet are a registered team)
  4. Complete and mail WAGS Ambassador Evaluation packet including vet exam and rabies certificate.  ( This was given to you at WAGS 101).  Mail to Evaluation Scheduler with your check at least 10 days prior to evaluation date.
  5. Take and successfully complete WAGS Ambassador Evaluation
  6. Schedule and successfully complete your mentored visit.  (you can have 3 attempts to do this before you have to retake the evaluation)
  7. Contact team leader of facility where you want to visit and schedule an audit.
  8. Notify Facility coordinator of location, day and time of your visit.
  9. Begin visiting