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Please help them


         Things will get better with “timesheets” in NEON, but for 2017 we are accepting the old manual submission.

 For those who are progressive we challenge you to jump on board with Neon.  Sign into Member login and enter the Member’s Only page.  There you will be able to sign into NEON.  Once in Neon you can log your volunteer hours.


Please keep track of your Continuing Education hours.  These are required when you submit your paperwork for Express Renewals.  Every two years, you are required to have 4 hours of continuing ed, two with your pet ambassador and two without.

 Also you are required to  keep track of your volunteer hours, both visiting and non-visiting.    Visiting hours include those visits/ events that include your pet ambassador.  Non-visiting hours include anything else such as monthly meetings, special events (without your pet ambassador), etc…  We will need this information submitted at the beginning of 2018.  It is extremely important we keep this information on file so that we can use it when we apply for grants.  Many of the grant applications require that we have information about the populations we serve.  Thanks for your help with this matter!  More information will be provided about collecting the hours at the beginning of next year.