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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  ~Anatole Fran

In Memory Of

These members and their therapy pets have been memorialized on this page
Woody Laun 12 years of service                                                   Moser
Tanner                                                                                                    Dolly Edelen 2 years of service
Shelby Chaney-Hageman  2 years of service                            Sophia Loren Ward
Chance Bush                                                                                          Sam Wallace
Ebony Erway                                                                                         Indy Chapman
Otis Orton                                                                                               Buster Brown Ward
Patch and Denise Cunningham                                                      Layla and Ashley Mason
Dylan and Susie Wiseman                                                                Hershey and Dottie Chapman
Sir Beauregard Sephus 6 years of service

To honor a therapy pet and show appreciation for a life of well lived service, consider a Memorial Donation gift in the pet’s name. Your monetary contribution will enable WAGS to carry on its mission. To make a Memorial Donation, go to the donate tab in the menu bar.