What is Neon?

WAGS Personal Account Information

Neon is our Volunteer management data base.  Everyone is being asked learn to use the system in order to enter and keep your profile current  so that you may be contacted.   Listed in your account is your name, current e-mail address, phone contact information, and more. You will be able to find the date to renew your membership, pay your dues and the re-certification date for your pet. Also listed will be your volunteer facilities (these may need some updating if you do not see yours contact Larry Curtis)

Another important function of NEON is to record all of the Volunteer hours that you as a member give to the community. These hours are necessary to receive larger donations, grants, and contributions. We want this data to be available for our 20th year Celebration event.

To SIGN IN to NEON for the first time  (you must use your email address and click forgot password) this sends a link back to your e-mail to set your own password.

After you are established you can  Sign in one of two ways

  1.  find it linked in our private Member’s only section of our WEB Site www.kywags.org
  2. or our neon link https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/kywags/login.jsp
  3. You can find the instruction in your past newsletters at the bottom of the right hand corner. Once you have logged into For Member’s Only you will be able to see the special section dedicated to NEON in bright yellow:

In the YELLOW section of the page

 Click on the NEON word  and

YOU WILL SEE THIS FOR YOUR NEON LOGIN PRIVILEGE to view your personal account information

Once you open your personal Neon page you are now able to view a drop down menu called: What would you like to do! Select which item you want to view & click. View them all!

Have any questions?  Fill out the “Contact Form” on the WEB and forward any questions that you might have and you will get an answer within 24 hours by leaving your e-mail address.



updated 6/16/18


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