Computer training for Web & Neon



We just finished 2 training sessions at the Membership meeting.  We helped members to use the Web and enter  their Personal WAGS Neon Account.  Look for Linda Carden next month to do this again.  We are giving advice and offering help with Log in difficulties. We will repeat this TECH HELP DESK at the next meeting in September.

We encourage you to learn on our computer module then practice at home if your device of choice is your phone.  Phones are more difficult to navigate. Computers can view the entire Web site much better.  Internet Explorer is the worst browser! Safari is so so, but Google Chrome is the best browser.  If you are confused seek out Linda Carden for a lesson!

Be READY to have this information:

  1. e-mail address

  2. preferred password with at least one number

  3. understand or be ready to learn “CHROME” as your internet browser (Google Chrome is the best internet browser to see our WEB site)

We want your experience to be positive since every effort that you put into WAGS makes us a better Organization!

If you cannot make the meeting e-mail Linda Carden and she  will send documents that address the difficulty that you have encountered.

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