Team Renewal

Once you are a member of WAGS and a visiting Ambassador Team, you will need to renew your WAGS Ambassador Registration EVERY 2 YEARS.

To ensure your WAGS Ambassador registration does not expire, familiarize yourself with the information below:

  • Know when you are coming up for renewal. Your expiration date is listed on your photo ID badge.
  • The WAGS renewal packet should be completed and returned to the Evaluation Scheduler 30-10 days before expiration. Send your renewal packet to the Evaluation Scheduler for your test request. 
  • For your convenience, WAGS will send a renewal packet via email approximately 3 months prior to your expiration. It is also available for download in the Members Only section of the website under WAGS Forms at the bottom of the page. It is your responsibility to complete a renewal packet and forward it to the Evaluation Scheduler in a timely manner.
  • Begin setting up your animal’s health screening no less than 3 months prior to your registration expiration date and your next evaluation. Please be aware that in some areas it could be months before an Evaluator is able to schedule your renewal evaluation.
  • You may renew as early as six months prior to your expiration date. Remember that to qualify for an express renewal, you must complete 20 visits over 2 years.
  • Your new registration will be valid for two years from your current expiration date.
    Example: Your current registration expires 9/30/16 and you turn in your renewal packet on 7/30/16.  Your new expiration date will still be 9/30/18 – 2 years from your current registration date.
  • You cannot resume visits past your expiration date until you have successfully renewed your registration and received your acceptance letter.

If your registration has lapsed:

  • If your are wanting to renew your registration less than 12 months past the expiration date, complete and forward the regular Renewal Packet to Evaluation Scheduler.
  • If you allow your registration to lapse more than 12 months past the expiration date, you need to Contact WAGS to determine what additional steps you may have to take to resume visiting. For example, this may include taking WAGS 101 again or retaking your Ambassador Team evaluation.